When He Calls

We sat and talked, my dear friend and I
She offered truth in exchange for the lies
And His peace in the midst of my chaos
Sadness, rejection, and confusion all laid out
As I tried to make sense of it all
“Have you talked to the Lord about this?”
“Sort of, but not really
It’s hard to be honest sometimes”
Well, she pulled a chair over “for the Lord”
And invited Him into our conversation
“He’s right here and He always was
Tell Him how you really feel”
Then, a phone rang across the room
I didn’t know it even worked
That old telephone with a cord
“Well, that’s the Lord” my heart knew
A sign that He’s calling
And listening
Ready for me to pour out
And to pour into me
But I sat there, speechless and unwilling
Not sure what to say
If I wanted to say anything
Staring at the phone on the wall
And the empty chair before me
Some friends passed by and it rang again
About three times, but no one was there
Another friend passed by
Another ring
“Does he even hear it?” I wondered
It didn’t seem like it
Silence again
More ringing
“What are you afraid of? He already knows”
Says my very wise friend
“You need to hear your own voice”
She answered the phone and
Held it out to me
“It’s for you”
But I didn’t take it
Again, and she said “Go pick it up”
Reluctantly, I did, and there was silence
No ringing, but no talking either
She sat with me, this friend of mine
And I sat there, silently wrestling
I looked out the window
And He beckoned
So out into the blizzard I went
And I talked
More honest than before
He heard and He spoke
There was release
It was a step, a rung of the ladder
And I’m climbing
Everything held inside is no longer
I was angry and confused
But I realized
I don’t have to be
I can’t understand it all
I simply have to trust
And give it all to Him
His thoughts and ways are higher
He is sovereign
And so I can let it all go
Open up my hands
Everything I was holding inside
I can give it all to Him
So He can come in
To heal me
And bring Him glory


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